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Clutch Replacement

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Clutch ReplacementAtomic Transmission has 22 expert mechanics that are well versed in clutch replacement. We promise to get the job done right at a price you can afford. We service all vehicle makes and models. Get a quote on a clutch replacement for your manual transmission from Atomic Transmissions.

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Are you experiencing difficulty when shifting gears with your manual transmission vehicle? A large sign of a burnt clutch is the feeling of slipping or the clutch petal feeling hard to push down. The most common cause of a clutch needing to be replaced is because the pedal is only partially depressed. Another sign of a vehicle needing a clutch replacement is if you hear a loud grinding sound from worn out bearings or a blockage to the engine.

The clutch is a vital part of your vehicles ability to accelerate or shift gears with a manual transmission, so it is essential to keep this important component of your vehicle functioning at its best. With a worn out clutch, your manual transmission will have difficulty shifting gears and changing speeds. This is a major driving hazard and can put both your life and the life of people around you in jeopardy. Worn out clutches increase the stopping distance you need when driving and could cause damage to other functions in the vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle is safe to operate by replacing worn out clutches in manual transmissions as soon as possible.

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